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Hey there beautiful soul! My name is Amy, and I’ve been an avid player in the field of human potential for over 16 years now. A chameleon of sorts, the specific role I’m taking shifts frequently, but my mission always stays the same:

Be a stand for people’s brilliance so they can ignite the world with possibilities. 

Amy Lombardo

Move Beyond the Cliché

To me, brilliance is not a buzz word, it’s a way of being. It’s not about quick fixes, overnight success, or having the right formula for perfection. I don’t believe in perfection. Instead, I advocate for personal excellence – being willing to show up in your authenticity; embrace your vulnerabilities; and constantly commit to your personal evolution in the big and small ways in life. Because that’s how real change happens – one conscious choice at a time.

You can’t manufacture brilliance; it’s something you uncover deep from within. And it’s my job to help you surrender the litany of excuses that keep you from giving the yearning in your soul a voice in this world. The path to brilliance is rarely direct, but it’s one that can be filled with great joy and curiosities if you’re willing to go all in. And you don’t have to do it alone!

Take a look around my site, and see how I might be able to help you rediscover your truth so you can bring it full-force into this world. Because it’s high-time for you to shine! Let’s get started.

With deep gratitude,


"Amy is a wonderful and insightful teacher and a beautiful person as well. She introduced me to yoga, and I am forever grateful. Every time I get a chance to work with her, it is always so joyous. I highly recommend her as a teacher."
Gisele Bundchen, International Supermodel, Businesswoman, and Philanthropist

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